We comfort the fragile and help unprivileged

With your donation., we help cancer patients battle fatigue improve their strength. And we teach unprivileged children how to swim and survive in water.

Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of our members.

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YMCA membership card on a background of a man exerciseing and a Livestrong member and trainer


Livestrong at the YMCA helps cancer patients who suffer from the disease, chemotherapy and other treatments. This is their story.

doctor is checking a patient


For any cancer patient at any stage, their oncologist has to approve involvement with the Livestrong and share any limitations that would prevent the patient from engaging in any specific exercise program.

personal trainer and a member


When they join, a personal trainer first meets with the patients to assess their overall health and their primary goals.

fitness program

Fitness program

The trainer develops a fitness program for each person, based on their goals and limitations.

12 week membership


Their membership is free for 12 weeks. After that period, they are encouraged to stay with the exercise on their own.


34 cancer patients enrolled


At the Southeast Family YMCA


During the year of 2018


Enroll more cancer patients

Safety around Water

Safety around Water teaches unprivileged children how to swim and survive in water. The Southeast Family YMCA offers these essential classes to all children in the West End for free. Find out why.



When children join, a swimming instructor determines their swimming levels.

swimming program

Swimming program

The swimming instructor then develops a program that would help them learn survival skills in water.

children learn how to swim


Children who finish this program can't drown no matter how they end up in water. They are free to continue with swimming on their own.


1,076 children enrolled


Central and Shawnee High School


During the four weeks in 2018


Expand the program


These people are our members and employees. They are sharing a part of their story.

Healthy Living Coordinator
Tanna Trollinger

The Livestrong members walked a little faster. They smiled more and appeared more confident.

Aquatics Director
Kristina Kluesner

We offer free swimming lessons to all children in the West End for free. Watching them go from water scared to swimming like a fish is amazing.

Daughter of a Livestrong Member
Swann Lander

I think that Livestrong is awesome. I love Tanna. She is so knowledgeable and committed to her job.

Livestrong Member
Lily Oberheft

When I heard about Livestrong, I couldn't wait to start with the program. Why? Because it puts me back in control again.

Livestrong Member
Marie Rosen

It’s too early to expect any major difference, but I already sleep better. I don’t wake up at night as often as I used to.

Latest fundraiser

Honor the cancer fight with Bosnian Americans

On Saturday, March 23, Bosnian American women honored the fight against cancer with fundraising for Livestrong at the YMCA Southeast at the location Corner Deli Food 3912 Bardstown Rd. #101, Louisville, KY 40218.

They voluntarily made homemade authentic Bosnian delicacies to be sold from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday.

All the proceeds collected that day were handed over to Livestrong at the YMCA Southeast to help more cancer patients in the community who could benefit from the specialized physical training.

Bosnian Americans used this occasion to honor cancer patients and those who didn't survive.

Thank you to donators

Thank you to our wonderful donators, whose contributions will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our Livestrong members - cancer patients.

# Donators Donations
1 Senad Veletanlic$100.00
2 Linda Knabel$30.00
3 Mirela Skikic$20.00
4 Lejla Cupina$50.00
5 Ramiz Maksumic$20.00
6 Fazlija Vejzovic$20.00
7 Nevzeta Sefo$40.00
8 Paula Bohnert$40.00
9 Oliver Gubo$20.00
10 Dzenan Avdovic$31.00
11 Alma Simic$35.00
12 Brooke Westerfield$11.00
13 Halil Setka$20.00
14 Adem Pajevic$20.00
15 Naida Konjaric$40.00
16 Fedja Buric$40.00
17 Musa Nuhic$20.00
18 Tomislav Jozic$30.00
19 Amar Smailhodzic$76.00
20 Nihad$25.00
21 Dzemo Colakovic$40.00
22 Ibro Ahmagic$20.00
23 Hasan Pepic$10.00
24 Erdijana$20.00
22 Zoran Dzindzic$5.00
23 Lindsay Miller$10.00
24 Ruzica Vlahovic$20.00
25 Enes Kovacevic$20.00
26 Amna Matesic$20.00
27 Almir Mujic$20.00
28 Igor Kristo$40.00
29 Tanna Trollinger$50.00
30 Sabina Ahmetagic$40.00
31 Haris Drljevic$20.00
32 Damir Pejkusic$20.00
33 Nermina i Mirso$80.00
34 Jennifer Gingerich$20.00
35 Nedzad Capra$20.00
36 Sefkija Kepic$20.00
37 Ahmet Dipa$40.00
38 Braco Skopljak$50.00
39 Zdravko Krnjetic$20.00
40 Mirsad Heldovic$40.00
41 Dzenan Zukic$20.00
42 Tajma Avdic$91.00
43 Edin and Maja Kazic$20.00
44 Dina Maksic$40.00
45 Safet Hadzic$20.00
46 Edo Kicic$20.00
47 Zerina Maksumic$100.00
48 Aleksandar Krljas$20.00
49 Mirzet Alihodzic$20.00
50 Muriz Hrnjic$20.00
51 Muharem and Elvedina Campara$40.00
50 Osman Vukeljic$20.00
51 Hidajet Cenan$20.00
52 Dzenita Pasic$100.00
53 Elvira Sejdic$50.00
54 Pero Furlan$20.00
55 Safet Basic$20.00

Thank you to our dedicated sponsors

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Thank you to our ladies

Thank you to our proactive and outstanding ladies, who took time out of their hectic schedule to contribute with their homemade Bosnian delicacies, so we can start the fundraiser.

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Alma Ljaljevic Tucakovic

Alma Ljaljevic Tucakovic

yellow background
Amela Drljevic

Amela Drljevic

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Boba Zolj

Boba Zolj

yellow background
Naida Konjaric

Naida Konjaric

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Nelica Hadrovic

Nelica Hadrovic

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Zehra Setka

Zehra Setka

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Zinaida Husetic

Zinaida Husetic